Giada has its origins in the artisan tradition of the working of marble and natural stone, following an important thousand-year-old craft in the Venetian area, which is famous all over the world for the production of masterpieces in marble and mosaic. Experience, passion for experiment and proximity to the historic centres of production of Venice and Bassano all lead Giada to explore new sectors like the use of glass and ceramics. The constant reference to the Italian artistic heritage is a source of continual inspiration and is a motive for an ever stronger interaction with the territory, which offers incredibly varied natural resources.

Giada is a production company that maintains high standards of specialization that have been acquired with the passing of time. It has developed a vocation for research into new products that are able to create an impact through unusual combinations of materials, light, colour tones and finishes, combined with an Italian sense for the interfusion of history and innovation, technology and tradition, beauty and functionality.
Il costante rimando al patrimonio artistico italiano è fonte di continua ispirazione e motivo di un sempre maggiore radicamento nel territorio, anche per la sua inesauribile offerta di risorse naturali.


Giada is luxury craftsmanship applied to refined mediums. The workshop laboratory is the place where the most ambitious and daring ideas are transformed into exclusive elements of decoration.

Every phase of the production, from cutting to tumbling, takes place in the workshop and is entrusted to the care and expertise of highly qualified personnel.

Today Giada is distinguished in the production and working of slabs and tiles in marble and local stone, artistic and industrial mosaics, engraving, intaglio and colouring of marble, glass and stone in general.

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